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Our house


Koidu 2, Viljandi, Viljandimaa, Estonia

Opening Hours

Tuesday - Saturday - 9:00 - 17:00

Rohelise Maja Shop and Café is located in the old pharmacy on Koidu Street in Viljandi, which Enn and Kaari Onni and their friends and friends renovated. The old serious brown interior was transformed into a more happy and colourful environment.

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In addition, a bakery has been set up on the same site which offers new delicious organic pastries every day - cakes, pies and, of course, rye bread. At lunch, you can try our delicious soups, salads and other meals.

Enn Onni, who grew up in New York, has brought the love of good coffee from his former hometown. The organic coffee beans have been freshly roasted and the staff of the café have been properly acquainted with the secrets of making a quality drink. It is said that such good coffee is not available anywhere else in the world.

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